King´s Lynn (UK)




A historic quayside
brought back to life


The historic medieval port of King’s Lynn lies on the banks of the Great Ouse which drains into the south-east corner of The Wash. The quayside and river frontage have played various important roles through the ages, including whaling, boat building, trade centre, fishing, clay extraction and brick manufacturing. In medieval times, the Hanseatic League made their English base here, and built a warehouse which is still standing today (only one in England). But like many historic quaysides and water fronts, it became neglected as industry and trade changed, and as new developments started to encroach on the cultural character. The people of King’s Lynn and their council recognized that their heritage was showing signs of neglect and that action had to be taken to bring this important part of the town back to life and use in modern-day terms. This process has taken many steps to ensure integration between old and historic, and new and useful.

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International coordinator:
Manfred Vollmer, +49(0)4221-9108-18

Regional coordinators:
Charlotte Lindhardt, +45 25 39 91 67

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Niedersachsen: Ulf Ickerodt, +49(0)511-925-5296

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The Wash, UK: Tammy Smalley, +44(0)1406-42551


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