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The Wash

LancewadPlan is a challenging task. People work here to make a living; tourists visit the area to enjoy the landscape; others live here and wish to enjoy both the rural countryside and the quiet and open space. Others are keen on preserving the heritage as a witness of the history of the landscape. Many interests, many perceptions that interfere.


Stakeholders will be more aware of the cultural landscape wealth which former generations have left us; they get a clear picture of what they can contribute and what the opportunities are to care for the heritage. Planners take the heritage into account within the entire spatial development.
Of course, all results will be available on internet
and the best practices
will be published in a handbook.

The Wash is located on the east coast of England and is bordered by the counties of Lincolnshire and Norfolk. It shares many similarities with the Wadden Sea region. From similar reclaimed land patterns with dikes and drains criss-crossing the landscape, mills and lighthouses punctuating the skyline and historic ports and village patterns. The Hanseatic League traded here so there are timbers from our land in their historic buildings.
The Wash Estuary Strategy Group has recently
undertaken a wide ranging review of their management plan covering issues such as sustainable use of the landscape, historic environment and cultural heritage. For this reason we successfully invited them to be involved within this project, so we can share experiences, highs and lows, and learn from one another.