Integrated Landscape and Cultural Heritage Management and Development Plan for the Wadden Sea Region

July 2004 - June 2007


Aim of the Project

Based on and in continuation of the LANCEWAD-Project (1998 - 2001), the project aims to extend and enhance, in cooperation with the relevant governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, the development, management and sustainable use of the common transboundary landscape and cultural heritage of the Wadden Sea Region, complementing the natural and environmental facet of the region, taking into account the regional diversity.

More in particular the aims are

  • An improved integrated management and development of the common landscape and cultural heritage as a part of common coastal landscape and cultural heritage

  • A sustainable use of the landscape and cultural heritage for the balanced development of the Wadden Region

  • An increased awareness of the unique landscape and cultural heritage contributing to creating or enhancing the identity of the region

  • An improved public participation in and responsibility for the development and management of the heritage also in a transboundary context.

Project Partners

Lead partner:
Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Safety, Directorate North, The Netherlands

Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, CWSS, Germany
Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, Germany
Cultural Heritage Agency Denmark
Archäologisches Landesamt Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Project Duration and Budget:
July 2004 - June 2007
Total budget: about 2,546,130 EURO

Links to other projects

  • LANCEWAD, Interreg IIC Project: The LANCEWADPLAN project builds on the inventory, assessment and guidelines elaborated in the framework of LANCEWAD and aims at implementing the results into an overall management and development scheme for the entire Wadden Sea Region.

  • Trilateral Wadden Sea Forum (WSF), Interreg IIIB Project: LANCEWADPLAN will use the scenarios, socio-economic perspectives and network in conjunction with the overall integrated coastal zone management strategy developed by the WSF with regard and adapted to the landscape and cultural heritage. This aims at integrating specifically the cultural landscape heritage in the overall ICZM-strategy with a view to protect the heritage and use its potential for the socio-economic development of the region.

  • Participatory Planning in Europe (PSPE), Interreg IIIC NorthEast SouthWest: The overall objective of PSPE is to improve spatial information exchange in participatory planning through renewed interactive approaches that make use of geo-visualization. LANCEWADPLAN aims to develop in a participatory way spatial and sectoral planning for cultural heritage management. Because of the communality with regard to the spatial dimension, a mutual information exchange and participation in conferences and workshops has been agreed.

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Please, have also a look on the Lancewadplan Leaflet in four different languages.