3. Cross-sections

The basic information for a further discussion and dialogues was given by several presentations about the development of case studies, so-called cross sections.
The objectives of the cross section analysis were to characterize the elements that are typical for the Wadden Sea Region and also, in their context, to define the main trends and developments with regard to the heritage in terms of its management (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) with a view to develop visions, strategies and policies for the overall strategy, the regional cultural plans and the sectoral approaches.
The portrayed cross sections represented the development in the entire Wadden Sea Region and the Wash estuary. In total, 7 sections, one in each region and two cross-border ones were analyzed to emphasize development and management patterns of the cultural landscape and heritage.
The information and results of these presentations served as an input for the three thematic sub-workshops and provided a common knowledge base.