6. Conclusions

The aim of the workshop, to engage the participants in an open dialogue about visions, management procedures and strategies for the preservation and development of the cultural landscape and heritage of the Wadden Sea Region, was a success.

The impressive key note presentations aroused great interest in the workshop themes and motivated the participants being actively involved.

The basic information for a further discussion and dialogues was provided by several presentations about the developments in representative areas. The presented cross sections analyzed the development and management of the cultural landscape and heritage and served as an input for the three thematic sub-workshops.

In these sub-workshops aims and strategies for planning, development and sustainable use with regard to cultural landscapes and heritage were elaborated.

Recapitulating, the participants strived for a vivid region with an healthy, regionally based economy and a well preserved and maintained cultural landscape. The sustainable use of the heritage was also seen as a benefit for the region and its inhabitants.

Finally, the LancewadPlan project was seen as an opportunity for common knowledge building and for promoting the cultural values as well as being an initiator for a better communication among stakeholders and interest groups. A further conclusion was that the project can contribute/facilitate to a sustainable development and management of the cultural landscapes and heritage in the Wadden Sea Region.


Final statement of the workshop chairman, Siem Akkerman

            (Province of Fryslan,  head of the department for culture)


One of my most striking observation was to see how intensive and cooperative all the participants were joining the meeting, including the workshops. For an international meeting, where language, mental framework and culture are always different and to be respected, this attitude was outstanding.

Further, the quality of the presentations, their contributors, the informal part as well as the intensive labor and discussions on the second day contributed to a useful outcome of the meeting.

Exchange of information is always a very important factor in gaining success in international cooperation. In my opinion and with respect to LancewadPlan the phase of only exchanging information is over. The LancewadPlan working group is also aware of that; the aim of LancewadPlan is to reach further goals!

I would like to emphasize that the most perspective development in the LancewadPlan project is to support best- and even innovative practices in the field of preservation, maintenance and development of landscape and culture heritage in the Wadden Sea Area. A support that could be given in financial terms as well as organizational terms from all participating governments.

I am looking back on two days of very inspiring and energizing labor, and I am looking forward to the next steps and the outcome of LancewadPlan.