5. Final plenary discussion

The results of the thematic workshops were introduced to the plenary, on the basis of which, the participants discussed possible tasks and actions of the LancewadPlan project thereafter.

Summarizing, the plenary recommended the following:

  • LancewadPlan should elaborate visions, strategies and policies for the management of the heritage, also on an international level.

  • Use established network of LWP for further actions.

  • The project should take initiatives for communication with administrations, political bodies, stakeholders, organizations and institutions in the field of cultural heritage and the public.

  • The project should take initiatives for knowledge building with regard sustainable development, management and use of our heritage.

  • Furthermore, LancewadPlan should support/facilitate the exchange of knowledge on an horizontal and vertical level.

  • The project was asked to raise the awareness for the need  to preserve and maintain the cultural landscape and historic elements.

  • The project should contribute to carry out best practices in dealing with the landscape and heritage, particularly in planning matters.

  • The project should, if possible, facilitate economic processes with respect to a sustainable use of the heritage (e.g. tourism).